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EBS Trading BV is collecting data through our website to provide you with better service, below we would like to inform you on what we gather, why we gather this and for how long we store this information.



Since www.ebstrading.nl is only accesible by retailers who have asked for an account and have been granted an account, no consumer data is being recorded. We solely store account-related information.


We only store information you have handed us, either direct by filling in account information, or indirect through shopping cart information or clicks from the newsletters. Shoppingcarts which have been checked out we store for a time period of 2 years to be able to provide you with the option of browsing back through your order history. Carts that have not been checked-out yet will be stored for 3 months to allow you to fill up a shopping cart, no further information is being stored.


Why does EBS Trading save my privacy details? 

We only store data in order to provide service, in such a sense that we offer you the option of browsing back through your order history, being able to store shoppingcarts for some time to combine items as well as sending you direct mailings to the emailaddress you have indictated. These direct mails will be limited however to 10 up to 15 mailings on a yearly basis.


What is the general conduct of EBS Trading with my data?

EBS Trading BV will only use your data for the above mentioned use, data will never be given to others nor sold to 3rd parties, ever. We will be safeguarding your data as good as we can, keeping all reasonable safety measures up to date.


Queries on our Privacy Statement?

You can contact us at an time when you have any privacy related questions, or when you would like to unsubscribe. To do so please just send an email to:  Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.